• How to go to Ahlen
    How to travel by train to Ahlensee here. If you have a Mobiticket, you can buy a “Anschussticket” (connection ticket) at the vending machine, which is cheaper. In the morning there is also the possibility to get al lift to Ahlen see drive to Ahlen
  • Liability
    If you cause damage, e.g. If you damage a car with a bicycle, you can quickly incur high costs and pay for it. We therefore recommend a liability insurance “Haftpflichtversicherung”). It pays the damages you have caused. A liability insurance is available from about 50 € per year. A comparison of insurance can be found here: http://www.verivox.de/privathaftpflichtversicherung
  • Apartment Search
    If you are recognized, you can look for an apartment by yourself. How much the Jobcenter pays for an apartment in Telgte, you can see here.
    You can search apartments at
    Saturdays at the newspaper “WestfälischeNachrichten
    If you have a residence permit, you can only move to another city if you fulfil certain conditions. More information at the Zibis counseling center.Whom you have to inform when you want to move, you can see it here
  • Beware of doorstep selling
    If someone offers you something on the front door, be careful! Do not sign anything at the front door.HoweverIf you have signed a treaty, come to the counseling center.
  • Be careful with contracts running over several years
    Be careful with contracts running over several years! Circumstances may change and you have to keep paying. This concerns e.g. Internet contracts, gym contracts, installment contracts, etc.